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Company Profile

Wuxi Li Yang Fiber Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, is in mainland China with scientific and technological research and development, technical processing, operating as one of the sales, specializing in the production of special fiber Taiwanese-owned enterprises.
Wuxi Liyang Fiber Co., Ltd. is located at the bank of Taihu Lake, one of China's four major freshwater lakes. It is adjacent to Oriental International Textile City and is interdependent with New World International Textile and Garment City. In the textile fiber market, the core location, transportation is very convenient.
The company has long been engaged in the production and research and development of special fibers, the main production and operation include: all kinds of environmentally friendly color POY DTY, environmentally friendly color high strength low shrinkage polyester industrial yarn, (high-end embroidery thread, sewing thread of choice raw materials); "Wangwanglong" brand variety of polyester, nylon, differentiated composite fiber, full range, rich colors (suitable for men and women fashion, leisure suits, pants fabrics and senior furniture fabrics preferred materials). And can be designated according to customer needs, with the development of customized special all kinds of special composite products.
Companies specializing in the introduction of imports 33 H Bamag, and other special false twister, a substantial increase in the level of industrial production technology, there are 42 equipment production lines, product quality and innovative products far ahead, sales service network throughout mainland China and around the world.
The company has a team forge ahead in unity, the use of high-tech at home and abroad combined production process line, and on this basis to continue to blaze new trails, "Want Want" brand based on the market and expand the scale of production. Our long-term commitment to "pragmatic innovation, providing quality products; work together for a better tomorrow," the purpose of the force Yang Fiber Co., Ltd. from "excellent" to "excellence", striving to produce world-class products, providing world-class Of the service, a world-class enterprises and work.
Pragmatic innovation, to provide quality products
Work together for a better tomorrow